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A is not for Ally

I just wanted to give a quick addendum to the What is LGBTQIA+ Exactly? article.

First of all, I left out that “Q” can also stand for Questioning. People who unsure on their orientation or their identity are undoubtedly part of the community.

Second, I would like to state that “A” does not stand for Ally. It can stand for Asexual or Agender.

Recently, there was some debate on my facebook as to whether “A” could stand for ally, and I would like to point out the answer is a firm “NO.”

As the name implies, they are allies to the LGBTQIA+ community. They are ancillary units to the cause, but they are not the main fighters of the cause. Asking France to help us in certain wars does not make them part of the United States Army, but they fight for the same cause. They are part of the community, but they are not of us.

I am not saying we should shame allies into not helping us. By including allies in the LGBTQIA+ acronym, they would be doing the opposite of what an ally should be doing. Giving space to those who are marginalized.

Just like white people can go to Black Lives Matter marches, but they are not all of a sudden part of the black community for doing so.

I have been informed that in some regions of the United States, people still use “A” for Ally. I’m calling you out. It’s time to stop. It takes away space from the rest of us who need something for ourselves. You who are not of us, already have everything. Let us have our acronym.

When you encroach on something that is markedly ours, dear ally, what makes you any different than the oppressor? Be better. You can be better.

There are plenty of articles on how to be a better ally, but I prefer this one: http://theeverygirl.com/6-ways-you-can-be-a-better-ally-to-the-lgbtqia-community/

I want you to be a better ally. We need as many people as we can in this fight for acceptance, for the ability to just exist.

Allies are not bad. Allies just need to learn how to be more effective and also realize that they are not of us.




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