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Addendum: Shark Week 2017

So I was thinking about my old website and I remembered we had this old thing called “Shark Week” where we just went off the rails and recorded a podcast every day for a week, and sometimes two podcasts a day for a week.

We are atavistic creatures after all, and I feel like I should return to my roots. I will be doing this every year and usually in the Summer. This year is a little early, and I apologize for that. The mood struck, so I decided to do that. After this week, articles will be back on a regular schedule.

So prepare for 24 articles posted over 4 days. The theme for this year is “Clickbait” as discussed in the previous announcement.

I’ve already explained that memes are magick then so can SEO (search engine optimization.)

After it’s all said and done I may write an article called “The Clickbait Working” detailing the thought process behind it and elaborate on the results or lack thereof.




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