• Gender

    The Implications of a Post-Gender Society

    As much as I try to push for gender nihilism, when I discuss it in person there seems to be a common misconception. People tend to get angry at me for invalidating their gender journey by me saying it doesn’t exist. Of course, in my head, I’m aware of the implications of what gender nihilism…

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  • The New Meaning of Gay

    It appears we have given up on explaining the nuance of our sexuality. At first, this phenomenon comes off as bisexual erasure, and perhaps it does. However, I’d like to explore why we’ve all given up and just say ‘gay’ for everything. I’ve noticed that a lot of people casually say gay. The queer community…

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  • Aromantic Dating

    Often times I get comments like, “So, if you’re aromantic that means you don’t go out on dates right?” That’s not quite the case. Let’s explore the nuance here.

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  • Safe Space vs Art Space

    I recently played at a venue that hosts noise music and various fringe performance art of some form or another. It was an open mic night with several noise bands, and a few singer/songwriter types. I was playing with Queen Antifa although it was just Samara and I because Lauren was taking the month off.

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  • Culture

    Soror 64’s Guide To Gender Neutral Honorifics

    We have Mr, Ms, and Mrs, but what should nonbinary or those ascribing to more neutral identities use? You’ve probably heard of “Mx” by now as the most prominent honorific used by nonbinary people. Pronounced “mix.” You would write “Mx. Eidson” and pronounce it “Mix Eidson.” I have also seen people pronounce “Mx” as “miz”…

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