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  • The New Meaning of Gay

    It appears we have given up on explaining the nuance of our sexuality. At first, this phenomenon comes off as bisexual erasure, and perhaps it does. However, I’d like to explore why we’ve all given up and just say ‘gay’ for everything. I’ve noticed that a lot of people casually say gay. The queer community…

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    Soror 64’s Guide To Gender Neutral Honorifics

    We have Mr, Ms, and Mrs, but what should nonbinary or those ascribing to more neutral identities use? You’ve probably heard of “Mx” by now as the most prominent honorific used by nonbinary people. Pronounced “mix.” You would write “Mx. Eidson” and pronounce it “Mix Eidson.” I have also seen people pronounce “Mx” as “miz”…

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  • Made up Genders and The Origin of Our Labels

    Once in awhile I see youtube videos or facebook comments about “all the damn made up genders,” and it kind of bothered me. So I decided to go have a look. Which genders were “made up,” or who started them? I was curious as to how exactly made up they were. Then I realize technically…

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  • Gatekeeping in the LGBTQIA+ Community

    Gatekeeping is a form of abuse that is commonly used in the community to keep others away from certain activities. This tactic can be very dangerous to people who are just coming out or are exploring their own identities and orientation. Let’s take a look at how this tactic affects the community after the gap:…

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  • Gender Nihilism From a Thelemic Perspective

    Over the course of the last decade, the conversation on gender has changed. We started talking about how gender was on a spectrum, and nobody is squarely on one side. It is socially recognized, medically recognized, and governments are starting to make laws around nonbinary people. But is that enough? I believe that everything in…

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