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    Melt: A Genre of Pitch Shifting and Arpeggios

    I’ve been thinking about inventing this genre for quite some time because I have always wanted a word for the style of music I make besides just calling it “noise.” I also don’t feel like calling it “psychedelic” would be entirely accurate either. Enter “melt,” a genre I’ve started calling some of my more electronic…

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  • Genrequeer

    Whenever you ask a band what genre they are, they will tell you that they don’t want to be pinned down to just one genre. They say that, but we can listen to their record and always know what their influences are if we have experience with different styles of music. So even though they…

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  • Queen Antifa Live @ Obscurus Impetus 5/27/17

    A few months ago I approached my friends Lauren and Samara with the idea of starting a trans noise collective in Seattle. Last night we had our first performance Obscurus in Everett, Washington. The collective itself is called “hmph” but we decided to use different band names for performances. This time we chose “Queen Antifa.”…

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  • Top 10 Witch House Songs To Practice Magick To

    Every good witch has to have a good soundtrack while staring at a candle hoping something will happen. Play this songs in the background to become more authentic. If you listen to magickal music you will indeed become more powerful. 10. Fractional – Tess 9. CVL† SH‡† – ßƟD¥ ßΔGƵ 8. ± FLESH – I Come From…

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  • Full Tracklist Finally Revealed for “Confessions of a Princess”

    Believe it or not, this whole week of stuff sprouted from a similar idea I had with my music. Unfortunately, the album is taking a while to actually record. However, I am comfortable revealing the entire tracklist and the album art! You can listen to what I do have available here: http://snmt.bandcamp.com 1. – はじめまして…

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  • Sonic Projection: The Enochian Aethyrs

    I call the act of transcribing rituals into musical notes as “Sonic Projection.” It’s not really like astral projection, but mnemonics should help you remember. As a pet project Sept. 2015 ev, I decided to pour over the Internet looking for reference material for Enochian and Hebrew musical correspondences. What I found was a list…

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  • Sonic Projection

    Sept. 2015 I was working on various musical projects. It started when I made a noise/spoken word track of me reciting the Nineteenth Key in Enochian to open up Tex. It was kind of a mess, and I abandoned my series of doing noisy spoken word iterations of Enochian calls. Then I decided to make…

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