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Dada Rituals

  • Lesser Ritual of the Dadagram

    This is a basic banishing ritual. To be used for banishing, and probably some super mysterious things that will click after you’ve done it every day for a year straight.

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  • Scatalogos (Dada Grounding Ritual)

    1. Locate yourself in the lavatory first thing in the morning, skyclad. Face towards the throne and perform the Analysis of the Keyword. 2. Turning deosil, face away from the throne. 3. Standing. With your right hand, touch your forehead with two fingers in the victory “V” position and pronounce “A” 4. Imagine a divine…

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  • Scrying Dada Style

    Scrying is a method one utilizes for divining. Rather, it is a tool someone uses to see inside themselves. Scrying helps make clear what would normally be murky. An empty room that is pitch black should do the trick. The word “gazing” might also be used. Whatever you choose to fixate upon is a suitable…

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  • Ritual of the Blind Orphan

    Sensory deprivation is a trend that’s taking off, and I have seen advertisements for “sensory deprivation chambers” where they let you float in water for thirty minutes with little to no outside sounds. It’s supposed to be therapeutic. This ritual is mostly based off sensory deprivation and experiences I’ve had doing experimental sensory deprivation scenes…

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  • Analysis of the Keyword (Dada Version)

    ANALYSIS OF THE KEYWORD 1. Shout “A” and hold up the sign of silence. 2. Grab your throat and let out a whimper. 3. Vibrate “M” and hold up the sign of silence. 4. Fix your eyes upward, right arm raised with fingers in the “V” formation. Shout “A” 5. Hug yourself and whisper “O”…

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