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  • occult

    The Saturn Working

    Saturn is a planet associated with deep spirituality. Today we will be focusing on doing a working in which the energies of Saturn will fortify your inner divine self.  

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  • Sex Magick Zodiac Farm

    So I had this idea of getting a farm, and having 12 women from each sign on it. No cusps. That would make things awkward. You would have sex with each person every day during the time their month was in the sun. You would also have sex with them from in their bums every…

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  • Liber Viola: The Rite of Electric Gnosis

    Ritual tools: A violet wand device with a grounding attachment An individual to perform the office of the Scarlet Woman in skyclad, heretofore referred to as SC. extension cord A table clothed in red An on/off power switch A ring on your right index finger, must be made of conductive metal Black robe for the…

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  • Sonic Projection: The Enochian Aethyrs

    I call the act of transcribing rituals into musical notes as “Sonic Projection.” It’s not really like astral projection, but mnemonics should help you remember. As a pet project Sept. 2015 ev, I decided to pour over the Internet looking for reference material for Enochian and Hebrew musical correspondences. What I found was a list…

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  • Sonic Projection

    Sept. 2015 I was working on various musical projects. It started when I made a noise/spoken word track of me reciting the Nineteenth Key in Enochian to open up Tex. It was kind of a mess, and I abandoned my series of doing noisy spoken word iterations of Enochian calls. Then I decided to make…

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  • kink

    Liber Visvicis: A D/s Collaring Ceremony

    In BDSM culture, it is commonplace to have a short ritual in a D/s relationship for a collaring ceremony. This ritual is intended for D/s couples who are interested in a somewhat Thelemic collaring ceremony, however it can also be enjoyed by those not familiar with Thelema It does borrow heavily from Qabbalistic symbolism as well…

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  • Liber Obscuris Dies Veneris: A Ritual For Black Friday Employees

    Retail workers on black Friday go through pure torture. I’ve been there, it’s not fun. Here’s a ritual I constructed to help make your day a little better. It mixes a little bit of Thelema pantheon with traditional Golden Dawn tradition. The suggested tools are good if you have that stuff lying around. If not, you…

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