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Technomancy Rituals

  • dada

    Using SWYPE To Create Barbarous Names

    Today we are going to discuss making sigils and barbarous names using SWYPE. This is an app on your phone that lets you ‘draw’ on your keyboard. Rather, you drag your finger to each word you type and it assumes what word you’re intending on saying. This app is sometimes called other things on different…

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  • Liber DD: A Technomancy Macrocosmic Banishing Ritual

    Macrocosmic rituals deal more with “above” while microcosmic rituals deal with “below.” Generally speaking, if you’re doing a macrocosmic ritual you’re working with planes and hexagrams. You’re working with energies not of this Earth. However, there are also some macrocosmic rituals, such as Star Sapphire that do a little more than invoke the heavens. My…

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  • Liber HALT: A Technomancy Microcosmic Banishing Ritual

    This is a banishing ritual using philosophies I’ve outlined in this article on technomancy. Many of you are probably familiar with already established banishing rituals such as the Star Ruby and Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Golden Dawn. I will explain more in the comment below, but there will be similarities between this ritual and…

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  • Technomancy: Command Line Magick

    Technomancy is the art and practice of using technology to carry out one’s will. This isn’t something out of a Shadowrun campaign, but a practical application of ceremonial magick. I’ve been running Linux since I was 15 when my father gave me a copy of SUSE 9.3. It came with two thick books full of…

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