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Greater Ritual of the Dadagram

This is a ritual for consecrating items.
Begin by performing the Lesser Ritual, but do not repeat the Cheer
at the end.
1. Stand up
2. Place the idea/item inside your anus.
3. Point your wand outward and spin in circles shouting “DADA.”
Spin until you are very dizzy.
4. Facing West, focusing on the disorientation, look up to the sky.
5. Fall down.
6. Remove the item while still dizzy. Forget about the item.
7. Perform the Cheer.


This is a charging or purification ritual. The anus is generally associated as the orifice on the body where energy comes through. This is where the term “hold your butts” originated. Ancient tribes would guard themselves, so demon spirits would not possess them.

If you would like to give or take certain attributes of dada, this ritual focuses on that point.

While on the floor, dizzy. Clench your ass cheeks and envision the item being the way the you Will it to be. If you are seeking to charge, spin deosil. If you are seeking to purify, spin widdershins. You may choose to do this astrally, by placing the thought-form of an idea in your anus.

Apply Occam’s Razor to your intent and seek out a purpose shredded in obscurity. The more complicated of an idea you are charging, the less likely it will be effective. For maximum efficacy, a pure Will unhindered by lust of result is suggested.




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