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Interview With Voice Actor Chris Patton


Chris Patton is a renowned voice actor, and I talked to him briefly about his experiences in acting as well as being a pagan.

Currently, he resides in Houston, TX. Patton has voiced over 250 anime titles, including Full Metal Alchemist (Greed), Soul Eater (Asura), Dragon Ball Z (Turles), Pokemon XY (Sanpei.) He has narrated about 150 audiobooks and also directs theater.

He has acted since he was nine years old, but it wasn’t until his late 20s’ the he began voice acting. His first voice-over job was with ADV films in Houston.

He considers himself a Thelemic Neopagan. He is a Minerval in Ordo Templie Orientis.

Does your interest in the occult affect which projects you voice?

Not at all. That’s dictated by what projects come my way, and the current state of my bank account.

What’s the hardest voice acting job you’ve ever done?

Probably the main character in the forthcoming video game Akiba’s Beat. It was 76 hours of recording over about 2.5 weeks.

Any interest in doing occult audio books?

I’ve done quite a few: The Timmy Valentine series, and Lost Sould by Poppy Z. Brite being among my favorites.

If you had something to say an aspiring voice actor, what would it be?

Be, first, an actor. Don’t think you can get by with simply funny or sexy voices. You have to be able to aurally create characters.

Do you coworkers know that you are a Thelemic Neopagan?

Some of them.

What do you miss most about ADV?

The quality of shows, the longer hours we would spend crafting a dub during those times, and the building itself.

Do you participate in any local pagan events?

Not nearly as much as I should.

Living in the south, is it hard being gay and a pagan?

Not for me, as I’m fortunately enough to live in Houston, which is a very progressive, modern, sprawling metropolis known for its diversity.



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