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New Album Released: SNMT – MELT


I have been working on this album for the last four months, and I’m excited to release it to you all!

I’d been sitting on this for a few weeks trying to figure out when to release it. I was scared and nervous, but that’s probably because I haven’t put out a proper album completely with music I made since 2012. That’s like half a decade. I’m asking myself, “Do I still have it?”

The major issue is that I don’t have my PC with me and I had to sell all my recording gear when my life took a downhill turn when my disability got so bad I couldn’t work and I didn’t have much of a support network. So you’ll probably never hear anymore songs using the iPad, viola, guitar, or korg kaoss pad ever again unless I can somehow rebuy those at one point.

This album was made entirely using chrome apps that crash often, aren’t full featured, and generally just fucking suck ass. Pardon my French.

I kept asking myself, “Is this actually worth putting out publicly?”

I like having programs that work, so I can fail at them and be weird and I know it’s all me being a failure (reread Aesthetics of Failure to get this philosophy.)

My main issue using programs that crash or don’t work right. Is that sometimes I have an idea in my head, and I can’t get my apps to do the thing like at all. I don’t mind so much if it fails, but I have to know how and why it’s messing up or else it drives me crazy.

So the point behind this album is literally “melting.” Each song is a pair made using certain apps or trying to imitate a certain mood. For instance, the first two tracks are meant to be of a similar genre, but the second track of the pair will sound like it’s been through the ringer– like it’s been deconstructed. Like it’s been melted. The pair thing is pretty accurate until you get to the end and then everything just goes haywire.

I think by technical definition, track 8 “Bend as Time Bends” is a dark vaporwave song but I’m not sure. There’s also a track that’s just a recording of a stungun stretched to three minutes. It just gets stretchy, melty, and a more or less ‘surreal.’ I suppose it’s still noise, but I was going for a very surreal sort of mood with this one.

Also the album art is literally just a manipulated image of a girl engaging in fellatio with several men. Can you see it? You might have to enlarge the photo.

It’s a pay what you can album. You can pay nothing if you’d like! Although I’d really appreciate the support, I’d rather people hear my album.






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