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New SNMT album – “Deep Cuts 2006-2016”

I am proud to announce the new SNMT album “Deep Cuts ’06-’16”. Except it’s actually old. Don’t tell anyone. It’s all hip fresh tracks. Ignore the 2006 in the title!

I realized I had tracks scattered around the Internet. Nobody was listening to them so I decided to gather them all together. Each track has the original production date listed, so it should give you a general overall timeline of when everything was created. As such, almost every track is vastly different from each since they come from different periods of my creative phases.

You might notice that some of the later stuff started to sound more like my very early stuff. I was hoping to continue making music, but circumstances became grim. I lost my home. I lost my music equipment. However, I did not lose my will to create. I will persevere and keep fighting the good fight. If you’re not creating you’re dying, as I always say.

Check out the album on bandcamp: https://snmt.bandcamp.com/album/deep-cuts-2006-2016

Don’t forget to like SNMT onf facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SNMTband/

You can stream the whole album for free below (up to three times):





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