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Now That We Have Sex Robots, We Should Give Them To Disabled People


I recently read an article about a realistic sex android. The big fuss was about how ugly the face was, and how creepy the idea of having a robot satisfy you orally. I’d like to propose that the government buy these out and give them to disabled people in a similar way they give emotional support animals. Read more after the gap.

First, let’s familiarize ourselves with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I like to position this as a sex positive blog, and I think this model definitely can help convey that.

This pyramid represents different facets of a healthy life. His model purports that we have a hierarchy of needs that must be sequentially met. For now, we’re focusing on the physiological needs such as sex and homeostasis.

I would argue that it is a physiological need to have sex. Not necessarily have sexual intercourse, but some sort of sexual activity that one finds edifying. I would categorize masturbation and the associated health benefits with a physiological need.

This might not be a need for everyone. For those who are asexual and lack sexual interest or those with low libido this might not be something that is necessary for their psyche to maintain balance.

However, there are many disabled people with physical handicaps who cannot physically pleasure themselves. I advocate for government-issued sex robots to help make the quality of life for these individuals better at a base level.

Granted, the particular sex droid in the article linked only seems to give blowjobs, but hopefully there will be devices that are accessible to people containing either set of genitals.

By completing a component of physiological needs, you also kind of start a chain reaction in the hierarchy. Sex releases oxytocin, helps your heart, helps self esteem, and affects your general mood.

I feel that people with physical disabilities aren’t the only ones that could benefit from such a device. Individuals with mental disabilities such as developmental disorders and trauma could potentially use these as well, but for a different reason on the hierarchy of needs.

We give emotional support animals (ESAs) to people with mental, psychiatric, or intellectual disabilities all the time. These are generally to give a sense of safety for the owner. Whether it’s physical safety, like a sexual assault survivor having a guard dog, or emotional safety for the person with anxiety or depression. They help keep them safe and grounded in various ways.

Emotional safety can come in different varieties. My friend has a trained cat that’s an ESA and it always seems to know when I’m stressed and comes to cheer me up.

A sex robot could also be beneficial for these types of people. Granted, it would not be a guard dog that could make them feel safe while walking the streets. But it would be a consistent access to an entity of sorts that would give them that sense of warmth and belonging typically associated with sexual intercourse with another person.

You may be asking yourself, “How could I feel intimacy with a ROBOT?”

That’s wild! It may be a stretch, but I think we could reach a point with robotic technology to where we could provide sex androids as an emotional support tool. The ones in the link in the lead might not be a good fit to fulfill this aspect of the hierarchy of needs.

However, I still advocate that we work on making better tech so that we can allow everyone, no matter what their disability, the ability to lead the happiest and healthiest life we are able to.

People thought I was joking when I suggested this on my Facebook, but I am dead serious. I think sex robots will change the world, and I think we should use them to help people in need.

Then again, if we’re going straight by the hierarchy of needs there’s plenty of people who need food and water that should definitely also be a priority. But if we’re going to make sex robots, might as well put them to good use!




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