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Occult Principles in Quantum Physics

A long time ago, before I was involved in ceremonial magick I made a tea called ayahuasca. It is an herbal tea generally used by shamans in South America to purge people of their spiritual demons and parasites.

quantum magick

The main chemical in this drink is Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT. It is the chemical secreted in your pineal gland when you have a near-death experience. Descartes says this gland is the “seat of your soul.”

My trip on it lasted for about nine hours, and I experienced many different things. I might write about it in depth at a later point, but for now I’d like to tell you about how ayahuasca helped me discover string theory before I even knew what it was. I entered a state of consciousness where I felt connected to everything. Then I could feel everything vibrate. I figuratively became “the universe.” Everything that moved or emitted energy I felt like I was connected to it. I felt like every particle was vibrating.

Thoughts started to flood my mind. Everything is a vibration. I started to see little wavy lines through everything. Something was telling me that this frequency of vibration was God.

Then a few years later, I studied up on string theory and was amazed at how my trip was very similar to the concepts of vibration that I had discovered in my trip. There are a variety of string theories. The basic concept of it is there exist one dimensional strings that vibrate, acting on quantum gravity.

Then a little while after this I discovered Hermetics. This is an occult philosophy that is said to be the simplest and easiest way of understanding the universe. It has different principles, one of which is the Principle of Vibration.

In this it says “nothing is in rest, everything is in motion, and everything vibrates.”

I find it interesting that these were some of the same things I learned from my ayahuasca. It probably doesn’t mean anything, but I find the correspondence to be fascinating.

Recently, I stumbled upon a newer quantum physics theory called M-Theory after reading Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design.

This is a grand unified theory that is supposed to explain how the universe works. I do not really understand the entirety of it, but M-Theory is said to have ten physical dimensions and also time as a dimension.

It could be a coincidence that the Qabbalah has 10 spheres of existence and one immaterial sphere.

In his book, he says that we can’t perceive anything more than three dimensions. I’m assuming the rest are all folded onto each other, in a similar way proteins fold to travel through your body.

All the spheres are just manifestations of the original three anyways, which are manifestations of one.

I don’t really want to start a whole lesson on Qabbalah, but I do find the similarities to be interesting and perhaps someone with a better grip on science could do more research on the topic.




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