The O∴N∴ is a fraternal order of brothers and sisters who choose to come together to celebrate the anti-art form known as Dada. The order maintains a series of initiations to help one understand and realize the true nature of Dada, or the lack thereof. (Depends on whom you ask.)

Solitary practice of dada is encouraged and promoted.
However, there comes a time when solitary practice becomes rather depressing. A support network of other practitioners is
suggested for dedicated adepts. This support network aims not to teach or act as a doctrine by which ones attains epilogos. Instead this support network should act as a resource by which the anti-magus can hone her anti-craft. It is not a church. It is a place of education, bonding, and a tool to aid in ones own personal journey.
The Order exists to disseminate dada throughout the universe. It is indeed a network. A peer-to-peer network, a token ring network, and a spider web of individuals handing off various packets to different servers.
Through initiations, you can learn the secrets of the Order. These dramatic rituals help reconcile the fundamentals of dada.
to those need something a little more physical than self-initiation. Each one is designed to slowly familiarize the adept with concepts and give them ample time to study and analyze their subjective experiences.

Table of Contents

Initiation and Dues
Government of the Order
The Invisible Sisterhood