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There are 12 degrees in the O∴N∴ Six are seen. Six are unseen. There is also 0° ritual, but it is merely a preamble of the 1° ritual. Many are allowed to take both at the same time, depending on your Murder’s preference and financial situation.
0° through 4° are allowed for any free man or woman to participate in. The five unseen degrees are ad-hoc initiations Upon completion of 4° one is also a member of i° or the imaginary degree. Members of the i° must create initiations for other i° members to engage in. Initiations must be drafted and submitted to Grand Leg for approval.
After the first i° initiation, she will be known as an i1° all the way up to i5° Initiates of the i5° are eligible to become 5° after “dropping the I” in front of a 5° or higher degree. 6° is by invitation only. 7° is by invitation only. Any 7° must claim that she is 6° to any degree lesser than 6°. The only person allowed to publicly announce 7° degree status is the Empress of the Order. If the EO suddenly dies or steps down, the remaining 6° and 7° vote on the new EO. Both may also be heads of each countries’ Grand Leg.
Whether one is dues current or not, she will always retain their degree status. Their degrees do not confer with any other orders. You may take each degree within 30 days of each other.

List of Degrees


0° – ‘dada’
1° – Birth
2° – Life
3° – Death
4° – Rebirth/Ascension/Perfection/Extermination


i° – The Abyss


5° – Shadow
6° – Reality Manifest
7° – Formless

The quadrangle, the sphere, and the triangle are the three different layers of the Order. The main work of the Order being done in the sphere. This is meant to reference /\O[] which is also known as AOM, which is the Dada tree of life in Liber Dada. It also references a pizza box, a whole pizza, and an individual pizza slice.

Function of Degrees

There are three layers of degrees corresponding to each shape on the tree. Starting with the square, working up. The first is the Quadrangle, which are the public set of initiations. This represents material world happenings. The struggle of life, death, and rebirth. It teaches you the value of being human. A necessary component for the next layer of degrees, the Sphere.
This layer can be referred to by a few different titles. The Sisterhood of the Disk. The Sacred Circle. The Test. The Queen of Space. Due to the nature of this layer, it is not entirely accurate to give it a title. Without members of this layer, the Order could not continue to grow.
The sphere is comprised of five different degrees, which are constructed by other initiates of the Sphere (or higher.) i° may also construct (approved) new rituals to achieve an analogous effect for the Quadrangle layer. The i° member is encouraged to create various rituals for each other, but upon special circumstances may also receive credit by creating initiations for lesser degrees. At such a time when i° are abundant, the work of the i° will only progress by performing initiations for other i°
The different aspects of i° do not confer special status over each other. An i1° and an i5° would have the same modes of recognition and formal greetings as each other. Once the initiate has gone through the five initiations of the Sphere, she crosses the abyss into the triangle layer.
There is generally much secrecy in the top ranking degrees. 5° are allowed to fill important administrative roles. Grand Secretary, Finance Officer, Ombudsman, Mediator, and whichever other roles the 6° members feel necessary for worldwide upkeep of the Order. 5° who are not engaged in administrative roles are to maintain upkeep of the i°. 5° of any role are encouraged to sign off on constructed initiations of the i°. Three signatures of 5° will be required to approve the initiation. One 5° must be present to witness or participate in the initiation. Members of the 5° are encouraged to participate in the i° initiations to help maintain a steady progress. After enough participation, one may be invited to the 6°.
This degree is a person who has shown lifelong dedication to the Order. Members of this degree are eligible to be on the Senate. The Senate is a group of 12 individuals who are elected by the Triumvirate of the 7°. The Senate handles most major decisions
that would affect administration.
A 6° member may move freely through the Order. It is their responsibility to keep an eye on the goings-on of the Order and
bring matters of attention to the Senate.
The 7° is home to the Triumvirate and the Empress of the Order. The Triumvirate picks the members of the Senate, and chooses who may advance to 6°. The Senate appoints the Triumvirate. These three Sovereign Princesses of the Order maintain a balance between the EO and the Senate. The EO can veto anything the Triumvirate passes, but has no control over the Senate. The idea is that the EO is allowed to maintain her current affairs and stay as public head of the Order.
Announcing your degree is not encouraged at any layer, but the EO is the only one who may write or say that she is 7°. The Triumvirate may only announce themselves by their preferred title, but not their profane name. Any 7° that is not EO or an SPO must continue the work of a 6° but are allowed to confer with members of the same degree.
Members of the 5° are encouraged to revisit old initiations and further the goals of the Order. Teach, learn, and practice all that you can. Members of the triangle layer are allowed to re-initiate themselves into the Quadrangle degrees and work their way back up. Starting over does not change your current degree, but may be incentive towards invite-only degrees.