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Government of the Order

The Grand Leg is a region’s resource. Generally separated by country. They maintain records, vote on procedures, and organize educational materials. Each country or major region should have its own Grand Leg. The head of each Grand Leg should be 6° or higher. The staff of should be 5° or higher. The head of each Grand Leg is known as the Visible Head of the Order or VHO. Each Grand Leg is effectively running its own unique Order that may differ wildly from other Grand Legs. Grand Secretary, Finance Officer, Ombudsman, and Event Coordinator are positions to be held by 5° or higher. Each VHO may amend or subtract positions as She sees fit. Synapse is the name of the worldwide government of the Order. The Empress of the Order resides in this circuit. She may allot various administrative roles in a similar way one would do for a Grand Leg. However, the Synapse deals as a pass-through for all Grand Leg data.
Members of 5° are eligible to be hand-picked for positions by The Senate. The Senate is a council of 12 members holding 6°
or higher. The Triumvirate picks the members of the Senate, and chooses who may advance to 6°. The Senate appoints the
Triumvirate. The Empress of the Order may veto the Sovereign Princesses of the Order, but cannot touch the Senate. If the Senate appoints someone who is not already 7° the Empress of the Order must initiate the entire Triumvirate again.
The EO may initiate anyone into the 7° at any time for any reason. Only other 7° may approach the EO unless granted special

permission by the Senate. The EO may be removed from office only through a unanimous vote from each VHO, Senator, and SPO. The government is set in place to provide safeguards against unnecessary cruelty, but does not provide complete safety from poor decisions. Sisters will quarrel, but Mother will take care of her flock.

Currently we only have one Grand Leg operating out of Seattle, WA in the United States.

Grand Leg USA

Visible Head of the Order: Soror 64
Grand Secretary: [REDACTED]
Finance Officer: [REDACTED]
Ombudsman: [REDACTED]
Event Coordinator: [REDACTED]


Empress of the Order: [REDACTED]
Sovereign Princesses of the Order (Triumvirate): [REDACTED]
Senate of Twelve: [REDACTED]