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The Invisible Sisterhood

The Invisible Sisterhood is what the collective of i° members in the Order is known as. Their work is not governed by the Order, but must be approved by the Order.

The task of the i° is to create new initiation rituals for other i° to participate in. Once you have created an initiation ritual, you must document each initiation either by written testimony or with video evidence.

It is the task of 5° and 6° members to also help in the task of assisting with i° members initiations. Members are encouraged to create their rituals on their own, but use other i°, 5°, and 6° as officers in the ritual. Anyone in the Order or not is allowed to participate in the initiation ritual you have constructed, but the overall purpose is to create initiations and be initiated in others’ creations. However, only you will get credit if you initiate another member. Your initiations are your intellectual property and you will be allowed to use them as you wish.

This is the main work of O∴N∴. The Order encourages individual creativity and hopes to offer a fraternal avenue by which individuals can do this as well as promulgate a sense of dada in our work. The basic concept of dada is to be anti-art, anti-establishment, and to turn your nose up at aesthetic. Because of this, dada can be a broad spectrum of things. It would be unwise to say that “any initiation ritual that does not adhere to dada principles will be rejected.” However, please understand that the point of this is ultimately be creative. Reject convention, and the likelihood of your submission being accepted will increase dramatically. Rituals that are inherently abusive or do not respect others’ wills will not be allowed.

The idea is that everyone in the i° is the head of their own Order within the Order, but that there really is no order at all. It is invisible, and only understood by the individual members in the collective. As such, it is “The Invisible Sisterhood.” It is also known as the Sphere layer of initiations and “The Abyss.” The void between creativity and enlightenment.

After you take 4° you will receive email instructions on how to advance through The Invisible Sisterhood. Once you’ve initiated five other members in five different approved initiation you will be sent instructions on how to advance to 5°.