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    Add Black and Brown To Pride Flag Now!

    Philadelphia recently decided to add black and brown to its pride flag to show solidarity for POC LGBTQIA+ people. I have read many white people outcrying this, saying that they don’t belong. Acting like they are inclusive, until it comes to race. I disagree. I think we should be inclusive. Their issues are our issues….

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  • The Art of Being Considerate: Content Warnings and Proper Use

    Have you ever seen posts where they start with “CW: r*pe mention, drug use” or something to that effect? It started out using “Trigger Warnings” which after getting made fun of to no end eventually became “Content Warnings.” Content warnings are generally used in safe space groups or pages on the Internet. You’ll see it…

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  • A is not for Ally

    I just wanted to give a quick addendum to the What is LGBTQIA+ Exactly? article. First of all, I left out that “Q” can also stand for Questioning. People who unsure on their orientation or their identity are undoubtedly part of the community. Second, I would like to state that “A” does not stand for Ally. It…

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  • Queen Antifa Live @ Obscurus Impetus 5/27/17

    A few months ago I approached my friends Lauren and Samara with the idea of starting a trans noise collective in Seattle. Last night we had our first performance Obscurus in Everett, Washington. The collective itself is called “hmph” but we decided to use different band names for performances. This time we chose “Queen Antifa.”…

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  • occult

    The Truth About Mercury in Retrograde

    I just wanted to write a little bit about Mercury in Retrograde. For those of you unfamiliar with what this means, “retrograde” is when the planets are perceived to be spinning backwards in their orbit. They aren’t spinning backwards. It’s just an illusion. Besides the fact that retrograde movements are simply illusions. The memetic explanation…

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