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  • Scatalogos (Dada Grounding Ritual)

    1. Locate yourself in the lavatory first thing in the morning, skyclad. Face towards the throne and perform the Analysis of the Keyword. 2. Turning deosil, face away from the throne. 3. Standing. With your right hand, touch your forehead with two fingers in the victory “V” position and pronounce “A” 4. Imagine a divine…

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  • Scrying Dada Style

    Scrying is a method one utilizes for divining. Rather, it is a tool someone uses to see inside themselves. Scrying helps make clear what would normally be murky. An empty room that is pitch black should do the trick. The word “gazing” might also be used. Whatever you choose to fixate upon is a suitable…

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  • Announcement: Posting Excerpts From “Liber !!!”

    When I wrote Liber Dada, I broke it into seven parts. One of which was a set of rituals called “Liber !!!” (Pronounced “Liber Bang Bang Bang.”) There are two sets of rituals. There are some practical rituals with very defined steps and modestly defined goals. Then there are rituals that I would label as…

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  • Culture

    Easter is a Shit Holiday

    Christians tell me happy Easter. Pagans tell me happy Ostara. Stop. Just stop. I don’t celebrate either. I’m a Thelemite. I celebrate these holidays. I should just smile and say, “happy Easter” back, but I can’t. I would feel inauthentic if I gave the illusion that I had any inclination to give two shits about…

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  • kink

    The Philosophies of Safety in BDSM

    There are many different philosophies behind staying safe in the dungeon or in the bedroom. I’ve heard people say stuff like, “I don’t care what you do as long as you’re not hurting anybody.” This is an instant red flag for me. This sort of philosophy does not differentiate hurt from harm. It also implies…

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  • How To Have Mind Blowing Sex

    One thing that I always get asked on the street is, “Hey Mx. Soror 64, how can I make whoopy more efficiently? Can I haz answer plz?” I usually just shrug and then distract them with a meme but I think it’s finally time to answer the question. Let’s break it into four parts: Communication…

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  • 2017

    How Neon Genesis Evangelion Changed My Life!

    I used to just be depressed and suicidal with abandonment issues. Then I watched Evangelion. I learned about Human Instrumentality Project from Neon Genesis Evangelion. My life changed. I was obsessed with humanity all fusing into becoming one primordial ‘soul’ where there was no difference. Then I found Thelema and learned about Nuit and it was…

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