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  • You’ll Never Believe This Madman That Murders Children!

    Occasionally, I will hear people talking about how Aleister Crowley advocated sacrificing children, making bloody sacrifices, or killing things. A quicky rundown: Bloody sacrifice: Usually period blood. Killing children: Semen. “Kill me” or getting killed: Having an orgasm. Many of Aleister Crowley’s writing are cryptic in nature. This is why it’s called “occult” since the…

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  • Addendum: Shark Week 2017

    So I was thinking about my old website and I remembered we had this old thing called “Shark Week” where we just went off the rails and recorded a podcast every day for a week, and sometimes two podcasts a day for a week. We are atavistic creatures after all, and I feel like I…

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  • The Clickbait Experiment (You Should Probably Read This)

    After my April Fool’s prank, I noticed my click bait title “You’ll Never Believe What’s In Store For This Wild Blog” had an insane amount of organic views, especially on Facebook. So I’m going to try an experiment, and I hope it doesn’t annoy anyone too terribly much, but sometimes there are experiments that just have to…

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  • I Like You, But I Don’t Love You: The Split Attraction Model

    Gay, Straight, Lesbian, bisexual, pansexual. It doesn’t paint the full picture. I have met Lesbians who are exclusively attracted to women, but may engage in intercourse with men. There are asexuals who are still date people, but they don’t have sex. In the split attraction model, we distinguish sexual attraction from romantic attraction. For the…

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  • kink

    Look At This Thelemic Chest Harness

    I see a lot of chest harnesses for the inverted pentagram, leggings with pentagrams, and all sorts of pentagrams all over the place. I think it’s time to see more unicursal hexagrams in the artistic commercial sphere. A friend sent me this link today and I just had to share it with everyone. You might…

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  • Ritual of the Blind Orphan

    Sensory deprivation is a trend that’s taking off, and I have seen advertisements for “sensory deprivation chambers” where they let you float in water for thirty minutes with little to no outside sounds. It’s supposed to be therapeutic. This ritual is mostly based off sensory deprivation and experiences I’ve had doing experimental sensory deprivation scenes…

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