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    Sex Magick For Asexual People

    An asexual is a person who does not feel sexual attraction for other people. Sex magick is the art of using sexual energy to create change. This can mean using orgasm or sexual arousal as gnosis, or just using sexual imagery as symbolism in a ritual. From first glance, you might think that by definition…

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  • The Slippery World of Kink Shaming

    Over the years I have seen the term, “kinkshaming” enter our lexicon. Someone says they really like something, and someone jokingly says: “Don’t kinkshame me!” I am all for kink acceptance, and I am a big proponent of, “Your kink is not my kink and that’s OK.” However, what I’ve been noticing is that people…

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  • Liber DD: A Technomancy Macrocosmic Banishing Ritual

    Macrocosmic rituals deal more with “above” while microcosmic rituals deal with “below.” Generally speaking, if you’re doing a macrocosmic ritual you’re working with planes and hexagrams. You’re working with energies not of this Earth. However, there are also some macrocosmic rituals, such as Star Sapphire that do a little more than invoke the heavens. My…

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  • Metacontrarians & Intellectual Hipsterism

    While many agree that hipsterism isn’t really much of a thing anymore, and has simply been absorbed into our culture. I feel like this was something that wasn’t talked about very often. Metacontrarians and intellectual hipsters. We all know what regular hipsters are but these are like hipsters with totally supreme intelligence and they will…

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  • Analysis of the Keyword (Dada Version)

    ANALYSIS OF THE KEYWORD 1. Shout “A” and hold up the sign of silence. 2. Grab your throat and let out a whimper. 3. Vibrate “M” and hold up the sign of silence. 4. Fix your eyes upward, right arm raised with fingers in the “V” formation. Shout “A” 5. Hug yourself and whisper “O”…

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  • PSA: Disable Adblocker To Support Soror 64

    I recently became qualified to run ads with Project Wonderful, so I’ve placed an advertisement on the sidebar. I realize that it’s 2017 and everyone uses an adblocker. However, it never hurts to ask to turn it off. While I rather enjoy writing, as it is something I have been doing both as a hobby…

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