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  • Memes as Sigilized Magick

    Memes are important, and their influence can be seen in our daily life. Memes are also a form of sigilized magick, let’s A meme is an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual by non-genetic means, especially imitation. First, I should explain some definitions…

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  • Overview of Dada Magick

    Dada is an anti-art movement from the early 1900s that turned its nose at the establishment. It ignores aesthetics. It is anti-art, which means that it represents everything art isn’t supposed to be. Dadaism breaks convention, and means to offend the senses. If magick is the “Science and Art of causing Change in conformity to…

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  • How Ordo Templi Orientis Helped Me

    It was early 2011 and I was a mess. I was overdosing on synthetic marijuana (white rabbit) on the regular and my marriage was falling apart. I was making my own absinthe and my own ayahuasca. The early ’10s were a fun time, but probably also the weirdest time in my life. However, I am…

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  • Spirit Cooking 101

    If you want to truly put your ‘heart and soul’ into your recipes, you must engage in spirit cooking. I will teach you how to become a proper sex magician as well as give you some sample recipes. You might be familiar with the Political Sorceress Hilary Clinton who unsuccessfully ran for office of president…

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  • occult

    Crowdfunding is Magical

    Money magick is a bit complicated for me. On one hand, I roll my eyes at it. On the other, I literally spent a year doing Jupiter hexagram rituals. I’ve always felt weird doing ritual for tangible things. I felt like you should do ritual for concepts and ideas. You don’t wish for a pony,…

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  • Interview

    Interview With Voice Actor Chris Patton

    Chris Patton is a renowned voice actor, and I talked to him briefly about his experiences in acting as well as being a pagan. Currently, he resides in Houston, TX. Patton has voiced over 250 anime titles, including Full Metal Alchemist (Greed), Soul Eater (Asura), Dragon Ball Z (Turles), Pokemon XY (Sanpei.) He has narrated…

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  • Sonic Projection: The Enochian Aethyrs

    I call the act of transcribing rituals into musical notes as “Sonic Projection.” It’s not really like astral projection, but mnemonics should help you remember. As a pet project Sept. 2015 ev, I decided to pour over the Internet looking for reference material for Enochian and Hebrew musical correspondences. What I found was a list…

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  • Sonic Projection

    Sept. 2015 I was working on various musical projects. It started when I made a noise/spoken word track of me reciting the Nineteenth Key in Enochian to open up Tex. It was kind of a mess, and I abandoned my series of doing noisy spoken word iterations of Enochian calls. Then I decided to make…

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  • Why I Copyright My Work

    Over the last few years I’ve received emails asking to share my songs or if they could post my articles on their webpage. I have and will always say yes in the spirit of creativity. At the bottom of my site, you will notice a gray icon from Creative Commons. Under this icon is a…

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  • Top Five Places to Get Thelemic Merchandise

    Many are passionate about their faiths and spiritual practices. Some of choose to express outwardly through awesome merch. Pins, patches, t-shirts, and the works. I’ve compiled a list of places you can get cool Thelemic merch. This list is completely arbitrary and is mostly of stores I’ve bought from before or had suggested to me…

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