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Poetry Collection #1

Deciding to get into poetry again. I’ve always been reluctant to share my poems because I understand that proper poetry is hard to get exactly right. However, if I let that attitude get me down, I would never publish anything!

With that in mind, my poetry is for fun. It’s little creative twitches I get now and then. You can enjoy them or lament at their sophomoric quality. Either way, here they are:

Under and Umbral Moon

The tides of emotion stir me
They crash into me like eternity

As the current pulls me in
I lose myself to the meloncholy sin

My love is a barren woman
Heartily ploughed, but ne’er life within

I am my own seed!
I am my own germ!

Dare I say I blossom?
I was once afloat, but now, the bottom.

Cascades of tears flow across my face
I scream, I shout, but it still does not satiate

Stars forget me, but the moon is in need.
For I may be dead, She is full term.

A Madrigal of Melting Stars

Pelted by the long arm of the sun
He holds me close in His bosom
the everlasting radiance fills my heart

Then everything started fucking…

And I was like whoah.

The Eucharist

Let this bread be the body of god
-They say

There is no god but man
-They say

From one god to another
What glorious rapture to be devoured!

Burn me to ashes!
Do not scatter me

Mix me with oatmeal and honey
Consume me, every inch

Lavish in the remains of mine human form
Rejoice! Take your share of of this beast

From one god to another
include me in this most holy recipe


My eye are bleeding
I can see clearly

My throat is lacerated from knives
I can shout louder than before

My stomach has been ripped out
I could eat everything

All dials head toward zero
Yet I am stronger than ever

This dead god is revived again
Vibrant in Her ways

Because even in death
an absolute number is always positive

As I endeavor to die daily
I know I will only be born again

Mary, Siren of Dire Blood

As the needle punctures my chest
I cry out in pain

But I know you love me
You always have and will

When the rope tightens against my thigh
its warm embrase is a hug from your heart

When the leather slaps against my back
the heat sears into my essence

When you punish me, I smile
I know I am yours

When you put me on your surgical table
You inspect me like a patient, but I am more

You show me you love me
in ways a carnal congress could never express




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