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Raison d’être

Thank you for reading the inaugural post of my  ceremonial magick and sex positive blog.

Why am I here? It’s 2016 and I’m creating a blog. Am I out of of my mind? Probably, but first and foremost is that I have an immense desire to create. I ran an old blog called Black Flower Music back in the day. I wrote reviews of music, movies, and video games. Sometimes I interviewed people. We had a podcast even. It was wonderful. Every week I put myself out there and used my brain for something.

I have let my brain rot long enough! It’s time to start doing the things I enjoy again. I want to write. I want to create new music. I want to share all the things I’ve learned and experienced with the world.

The focus of this blog will be a little different from my last effort. I want to share my magick with you. I want to create new worlds.

You can expect me to share my musical albums here. I will also write musings upon magickal theory. I would like to create new rituals to share with you. I will do all these things and more.

I have a background in Thelema, chaos magick, Enochian, and I endeavor to create new avenues of ceremonial magick for people to explore.

I want to write again, and this is my platform. I want this to be a place where I can experiment, share, and create new things. A place where I can be free to act in my own particular orbit.





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