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[Review] The Powerwalker – A New World


The latest album from The Powerwalker packs quite a punch. Check out my review for The Powerwalker’s new album “A New World” after the bump.

I’ve only recently been privy to the haunting melodies and baroque synthwave offerings of The Powerwalker, but now that I’ve heard the new album I’m hooked.

To the unaware, synthwave is a genre that i generally viewed as a fusion between synthpop and video game music. Many people listen to synthwave mixes and exclaim that it sounds like Sega Genesis music. Which, I assure you, it does not. There is a marked difference between this and something labeled as chiptunes. It’s retro-inspired modern dance music. It’s vintage, but also futuristic at the same time. The future is exactly where The Powerwalker takes us in “A New World.”

Often times when reviewers write about being whisked away to a new place, they invoke imagery of flowers and serenity. No. This is kind of like being the first space traveler from Earth being sent on a mission to learn about aliens and things end up getting heavy and philosophical instead of light and fluffy.

The narrative of “A New World” is a space opera that ventures to some of the dankest most decrepit places in the galaxy.

Let’s be real. The intent here is to try to paint a picture of how this album feels using the magic of “Words.” The album is such a futuristic, foreign feeling piece of work it’s hard to relate it to other works and using pre-existing ideas. It goes to new places. It tries new things. It captivated my interest, and I always wondered where it was going next. It’s retro. It’s dark. It’s mysterious.

Near the end, it has a few weaker moments. The mystery lessens, and there’s some familiarity. Perhaps some may enjoy that, but it took me out of my headspace. It does does end on a good note; however, and I think it’s a solid album worthy a purchase for anyone looking for a synthwave album to start off the new year right!

You can find the album “A New World” on The Powerwalker’s bandcamp page starting Dec. 29.





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