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Ritual Bath

Everyone needs to be clean you know!

1. Fill a cup halfway with warm liquid.

2. Hold the cup to your face suctioning a vacuum around your mouth.

3. Scream into it as loudly as you can in all four quarters.

4. Pour it onto yourself.

5. Masturbate.

6. Wipe the remains in your hair.

7. Strike a battery of 4-3.


This is for daily use. It is important not to fill it up with liquid that is poisonous or too hot. There is no need to scold your face! The purpose of a regular bath is to cleanse and reinvigorate.Hopefully, this ritual bath can help do the same for the anti-magus.You are charging yourself with your own energy, and consecrating yourself with Spirit. The bath’s liquid may be replaced with various meaningful or meaningless concoctions.

To a lesser extent, the “Invocation of Uroboros” and “Invocation of the Golden Dawn” may also be simplified by using their respective Eucharist liquids for the ritual bath instead. It is not advised to do this unless one has successfully performed the aforementioned rituals.Stick with water. Experiment with different colors and associations or different teas. Hyssop works well. So does damiana.




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