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Ritual of the Blind Orphan

Sensory deprivation is a trend that’s taking off, and I have seen advertisements for “sensory deprivation chambers” where they let you float in water for thirty minutes with little to no outside sounds. It’s supposed to be therapeutic. This ritual is mostly based off sensory deprivation and experiences I’ve had doing experimental sensory deprivation scenes at various house parties over the years. This is a ritual to achieve excitatory gnosis, for an alternative method on inhibitory gnosis please the comment following the ritual text.

Supplies: Rope, blindfold, mat or mattress, a safe word, high quality headphones, device from which you can play music, a top (doer), and bottom (receiver). A list of appropriate music will be listed in the comment.

Ritual of the Blind Orphan

The Top should take the the bottom to a prepared space that is quiet and low on all stimuli. Banish, but in silence in the body of light. No incense, low light, and no sound.

The Top will disrobe the bottom and help them to the floor face down. The Top will begin to proceed with a hogtie (1) in order to have their hands and legs both tied together.

Tell the bottom that they are not allowed to speak unless permission is given. They are also not allowed to try to move or escape, and they should attempt to relax.

Tell your bottom to use regulated breathing. If the bottom is unfamiliar with this technique, instruct them to inhale for six seconds and exhale or six seconds. If they feel they may have difficulty with that, tell them to inhale slowly and deeply and exhale the same way.

Then the Top will place the blindfold on the bottom. Do not caress the bottom, or stimulate them in any way. No comfort must be given.

Wait a few moments to build anticipation. Place the headphones on the bottom.

Hook your headphones up to your bottom. Make sure they are firmly placed, covering their ears in such a way that would not allow outside sound to enter.

Wait a few moments to build anticipation. Configure your device to play an appropriate meditation song. (2) Set the volume high, but not damaging. If the song has clipping, be careful not to damage your bottom’s ears.

Play the song. Sit in silence watching your bottom. Do not listen to anything they say unless they speak the safe word.

When the song ends, wait a few moments and take off the headphones. Then slowly take off the blindfold. Then untie your hogtie.

Give your bottom permission to speak and then help them up. Provide them with aftercare should they need it, and ask them about what they saw, heard, or felt during the ritual.



A hogtie looks like this:

Well, that’s a specific hogtie called the pretzel hogtie. There are simpler hogties you may engage in.

If the bottom has circulation issues, I would advise doing a reverse prayer tie and placing them on the floor. It looks like this:

You should always pay attention to your bottom’s wellbeing. Make sure you are in a well-lit enough room to be able to keep an eye on their circulation. If they use their safeword, untie them immediately. The ritual must end if the safeword is used. As such, I would recommend being familiar with your bottom’s body so that you may achieve an adequate amount of comfort on your first try.

If you are inexperienced with bondage or would rather do something easy you can always buy handcuffs. You can cuff their hands and cuff their feet separately. However, the idea is full body restraint and the bottom may not experience maximum gnosis. The idea is that this ritual can work for anyone of almost any experience level, but for maximum effect experience is needed.


This ritual calls for noise music to achieve excitatory gnosis. There are seven songs that have been found to be effective for use in this ritual. Other songs may be substituted at the discretion of the Top, but it must be something of an abrasive, chaotic, and dissonant nature.

1. SNMT – Meditation Song #1


Note: This song was produced with this ritual in mind.

2. SNMT – Love You


3. SNMT – Aeon of Horus


4. Incapacitants – Live in 1991

5. C.C.C.C. – Love & Noise

6. Masonna – Untitled A

7. Boris and Merzbow – Sun Baked Snow Cave

Note: This song starts out slow and the Top must remain very quiet during the majority of this song. Ultimately worth it in the end.


The idea behind this ritual is to excite the bottom into a state of excitatory gnosis. What they choose to do with this state is up to them. The ritual almost forces a state of transcendental meditation upon the bottom.

The Top doesn’t really gain anything and is mostly used as a tool to help the bottom achieve something.

From what I’ve noticed when I do this to myself, I start hallucinating and I can divine things from the messages I receive during this state. Results may vary.

Please let your bottom know that if they say the safe word that the ritual must end. The narrative of stimuli orchestrated by the ritual is very important. A little communication is acceptable before the music starts, but after the music starts only the safeword must be said or else it won’t work as well.

When your senses are restricted, other senses are heightened. Generally, all senses work in tandem to create experiences. However, if you cut off all senses but sound then sound will be more meaningful.

Chaos is the nature of the universe. Listening to noise music aligns your conscious mind with the chaotic nature of your subconscious. Generally, ritualists use symbolism to imprint certain images to your subconscious and create change this way. In this ritual, it is more of a scrying session. The analogy I use is to tell people that it’s like drilling a hole into your subconscious by isolating sensory frequencies.

It is very important that the music you select is noisy and dissonant. The symbolic gesture in this ritual is that we are breaking down symbols and speaking the language of your brain. If you can make sense out of the music it will be far less effective.

If you are not an expert at tying rope, I would suggest handcuff as I explained in the Notes.

I would also recommend not mixing this with drugs. My first experience with this was when I was in bed with an iPad running a strobelight app strapped to my face, a high dosage of synthetic cannabinoid (White Rabbit,)  and C.C.C.C.’s album Love & Noise blaring through the headphones all while masturbating. You may experiment with any ritual should you choose, but I found that at a certain point the stimulation became too much and nothing could be learned from it.

This is intended to be overstimulating, but there comes a point where you become too flooded with sensation that you no longer become a bystander to the goings on of your subconscious mind but you dip deep into it and lose yourself to it. While I’m not condemning painful experiences, I found that there was a threshold where your experience became less meaningful. You need to trick your brain into letting it’s guard down, you don’t need to go too much further than that.

Should you be more of a mind that is interested in inhibitory gnosis, you can forego noise and make sure the person cannot hear a thing. At this rate you might as well pay to go to a sensory deprivation chamber.

Please be safe and respect your bottom’s safe word and pay attention to them to make sure their circulation is fine during the ritual.

Each song has different lengths. Tracks between 10-15 minutes are expected. Less than 10 minute tracks will work, but are geared more towards people just trying to make sure they can pull it off safely before going in deeper. Longer tracks may require a higher constitution stat.




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