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Ritual of the Holy Hexagram

This is a macrosmic invoking/banishing ritual depending on how you choose to use it. I suppose that description there is just to give a general idea of what this is for. We all know that trying to explain these multi-purpose rituals defeats the purpose.

1. The adept stands in the center, facing East with his hands on his
genitals, looking down.
2. Say “01000100 01000001”
3. Wave your genitals in the air up and down screaming ”DADA” in one full circle.
4. Facing East, say “01000100 01000001”
5. Lie on the floor, and make the Holy Hexagram by whichever
means necessary.
6. At the culmination, exclaim “44 41 44 41” repeatedly until you
appear to be rambling.
7. Fall asleep.


The “Holy Hexagram” refers to a masculine and feminine force intertwining. This is most commonly known as “How I learned to stop masturbating, and learned to love Cancer!”

This ritual is used for invoking higher thoughtforms into the material plane. To bring the divine dada into the divine self- one may choose to use this ritual. It is suggested to open with the LRTD, but choosing the Greater and Supreme would be ill-advised (Hint: do it anyways.)

While not necessarily a group ritual, step 5 is intended to for two participants to engage in a double-oral sex act commonly known as “69’ing.” This act exemplifies the macrosmic nature of dada where yes and no yolk together in an obfuscated mess of energy. The entire ritual may be performed by several people in tandem or in unison. However, step 5 is heavily suggested to be in unison.




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