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Scrying Dada Style

Scrying is a method one utilizes for divining. Rather, it is a tool someone uses to see inside themselves. Scrying helps make clear what would normally be murky. An empty room that is pitch black should do the trick.

The word “gazing” might also be used. Whatever you choose to fixate upon is a suitable tool.

It is like having a visual mantra. The repetition becomes part of your psyche. Whether your have a particular intent in mind or are intending on a spontaneous revelation, you are only seeing what is already inside yourself. Journal your experience in detail after each session.

Here are some practical examples of dada scrying:

1. Obtain a friend or an enemy. Gaze into their eyes for ten minutes, twenty minutes, and eventually thirty minutes. Don’t think about them, think about the shapes of their eyes. The contrast between color and darkness.

2. Urinate into a mason jar. Let the mason jar sit for three days in a dark room. Take the jar out on and place it eye level to you. Stare into the jar for 10, 20, and 30 minute intervals. The more you practice, the longer you can stare.

3. Release your kingdom onto the throne. Gaze into the stool floating in the water. Don’t focus on the water, but instead focus on the water and the stool as a collective unit. Be sure to wear a surgical mask and have a fan going. Fecal particles are unseen and you will want to avoid breathing in the matter as much as possible.

4. Construct a sigil by whichever means you choose. Place it on the wall in front of a white background. Next to it should be an empty wall, or a white sheet posted on the wall. Stare at the sigil for a minimum of 10 minutes. Focus on the sigil and do not break eye contact. After 10 minutes, gaze immediately at the white sheet of paper. This can help you meditate on the deeper meaning of your sigil. Experiment with blacklight and glow in the dark sigils.




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