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2017 occult Shark Week

Seven Tips To Mystify Your Life

We all want to be better, and mysticism is obviously the answer. Please take a moment to look over this list so you can be better than your friends.

7. Wear a pentacle necklace.

6. Buy these Satanic leggings.

5. Every time you attend a Gnostic Mass, post a picture about how wild and crazy it was.

4. Join a coven or magickal fraternal order. Nothing quite says “individual liberty” like joining a group.

3. Get the seal of Babalon tattooed on your arm.

2. Meditate until you reach Samadhi and then just stay there. Forever.

1. Do the Abramelin ritual. The year long one. Everyone will be really impressed and give you pats on the back when you’re done AND you’ll be a much better person who won’t care about who is even touching your back.




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