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Soror 64’s Guide To Gender Neutral Honorifics


We have Mr, Ms, and Mrs, but what should nonbinary or those ascribing to more neutral identities use?

You’ve probably heard of “Mx” by now as the most prominent honorific used by nonbinary people. Pronounced “mix.” You would write “Mx. Eidson” and pronounce it “Mix Eidson.”

I have also seen people pronounce “Mx” as “miz” or “meeze.” However, I have also seen some people use “Mz” as an honorific pronounced in a similar fashion as well.

There are also other gendered honorifics out there we think less about, mostly in the kink scene. I’m proposing the following:

Nonbinary men or transmasculine could use: “Mxter” implying a gender neutral term of “Mister.” I would also suggest in lieu of “Master” perhaps they use “Maxter.”

Nonbinary women or trans feminine individuals could try using “Mixxes” for “Misses.” If you’re kinky instead of “Mistress” you could say “Mxtress” pronounced “Mixxtress.”

To those agender or other gender nihilist folx who would like to strip away any semblance of gender from personalized language have a number of suggestions. Generally, “Mx” or “Mz” would be the standard neutrois honorific. However, I came up with something a little different agender people. Instead of “Mxter,” you could say 0r, 0s, or 0rs. (That’s 0 as in zero.) Alternatively, that would be Zr, Zs, or Zrs. These would both be pronounced Zir/Zer, Zer/Zers, or Zerses/Zirses respectively. For kinkier folx, they could choose to use 0rster, 0rstress, Zrster, or Zrstress.

Alternatively, to strip away further semblance of gender from honorifics I would suggest combining the two and create Zx, 0x, Zz, or 0z all pronounced as “zix.” This would strip away the “M” implying mail and the x would strip away the feminine undertones in things like “Misses.”

Editor’s Note: This article is by no means official, but I feel that language helps us communicate and express our thoughts. Language is prone to change and flexibility as the society that speaks it also changes and grows. I am a Gender Nihilist, but I identify as a nonbinary trans femme. Since gender still exist in our culture, I might as well be able to know where I am on the spectrum. Hope you find this useful, or fun. I always felt like “Mx” didn’t tell the full story, so I came up with more honorifics.




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