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Supreme Ritual of the Dadagram

This is the final Dadagran ritual. Remember you can always look up the cheer in the Lesser ritual.

Perform both the Lesser and Greater Ritual beforehand. Omit the final cheer in each.

Starting at East.

1. Stand up.

2. Trace a triangle in all four quarters.

3. Trace a square over the triangle in all four quarters.

4. Look up to the heavens and trace a circle above your head.

5. Cry out “AOM! I am the horizon! I am the Holy Spirit within All things!”

6. On the floor, place the item in or on your genitals. Masturbate until orgasm at which point cry out: “AOM! AOM! AOM!” Continue pleasuring until exhausted, passing out, or intense pain.

7. Perform Cheer.


This particular ritual is intended for serious practitioners who have perfected both the Lesser and Greater Rituals. Do not perform the Cheer at the end until you have recovered from your lucidity state.

Use the lucid state to dwell upon the idea or item you have been working with.

Males are encouraged to visualize their item as vaginal. Females are encouraged to place the item into their vaginas and pretend they are being filled with something phallic and divine. Upon orgasm, visualize the idea or item being sucked in to you. Advanced practitioners may combine the Greater and Supreme ritual into one ritual by using two dualistic ideas or items that complement the other. The anti-magus may find having genital and anal stimulation helpful, but it may drive the uninitiated insane.




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