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Top 10 Bands Occultists Probably Listen To

Here is a list of bands you will probably find on your occultist friend’s iPod or Zune. Of course, this is all in good fun. Most of these bands are good, so it’s not like I am shaming anyone for liking them. My gut reaction says that if you’re an occultist you like at least one of these bands. If not, leave me a comment and tell me what bands you do like so I can check them out!

Inkubus Sukkubus

This probably belongs on a list of bands that Pagans list to, but hey, intersectionality! Most occultists I know actually don’t like them, so I am putting them on here because being meta is a thing.

Current 93

This band took their name from the Thelemic “93 Current” which refers to the enumeration of Agape and Thelema in Greek meaning Love and Will respectively. Also their song is about Aleister Crowley’s birthday which is affectionately called “Crowleymass.” It’s Oct. 12 in case you were wondering. I always drink two bottles of wine and dab a bunch of abramelin oil on my forehead on that day to celebrate.

Psychic TV

If you’re a chaos magician you probably listen to everything Genesis P. Orridge puts out, don’t you? I’ve always wondered why they spell ‘of’ like ‘ov’ though.

Miranda Sex Garden

I don’t have anything funny to say about these guys. I just really like them and get me in the mood to do ritual. Carry on.


So what I’m really trying to say with this article is that occultists listen to a lot of neofolk and post-industrial. Also the O.H.O. of Ordo Templi Orientis was a member when the band was around.

Diamanda Galas

This is one badass woman. I did not know spoken word could be so evil sounding. I wonder how many homonculi were conceived while Galas was playing in the background?

Dead Can Dance

This is more of an in-joke for my friends back in Nashville. I will never let you forget.


The founder of the magical order Dragon Rouge provides lyrics for the band. As such, many of their songs are very occult in nature. They have a lot of rune and Nordic imagery on their stuff, as well as Qabbalistic imagery.

Death in June

This is another neofolk and post-industrial band. Probably the winner of award for “most likely to be on an occultist’s playlist.”


Are you still reading this? Good, because here is a really cool band you’ll like if you have been keeping track so far.




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