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Liber DADA – One Year Anniversary

Roughly one year ago I released Liber DADA.

This was a book I spent a few years writing, and was so exhausted I just kind of slipped it into the wild. I never wrote a single press release, or did any advertising. I didn’t have a website anymore or a platform by which I could promote it. I haphazardly posted it onto my personal Facebook page and said, “Oh hey, this is out now I guess!”

That’s not a great way to get exposure for your book. Not at all. So, I decided to try to get a new website and start a writing platform for my previous and future books.

Liber DADA is an occult system of my own design using the anti-aesthetic philosophy of the early 1900s anti-art movement of Dada. I made a manifesto, set of rituals, fraternal order, and a few more chapters on philosophy. As time moves forward, I will share rituals and excerpts from this book.

At the very least, I want to post all the rituals, initiation rituals, and an explanation of O∴N∴ as well as its true purpose within the Invisible Sisterhood.

The rituals are all very strange and some are completely pointless. They turn their nose up at convention, and its lack of symbolism becomes the symbolism. There’s actually a lot of meaning behind it, and everything is there for a reason; however, it does hold chance operations in high regard.

O∴N∴ is the initiatory order that I created that uses the philosophies I’ve understood to be dadaistic. The Invisible Sisterhood is another name for a set of degrees inside the Order, and is the true work of the Order.

I would very much appreciate it if you bought the book of Amazon: http://amzn.to/2kJg6zZ

However, I will be sharing bits and pieces for the book here on the blog. Keep an eye on the Liber Dada category.




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