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Liber DD: A Technomancy Macrocosmic Banishing Ritual

Macrocosmic rituals deal more with “above” while microcosmic rituals deal with “below.”

Generally speaking, if you’re doing a macrocosmic ritual you’re working with planes and hexagrams. You’re working with energies not of this Earth. However, there are also some macrocosmic rituals, such as Star Sapphire that do a little more than invoke the heavens. My interpretation of it is that it is a ritual for Knowledge and Conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel. The ritual extracts the heavenly energies out of you, and turns everything into some sort of oneness. A little different than most where you just tell a planet you need it’s power.

So the idea with Liber DD was to design a macrocosmic ritual that was similar. The idea is to extract the heavenly ‘you’ from yourself and and reset the powers of the universe. Except intstead of shouting in Greek, you’ll be shouting in Command Line. So there’s that.

Liber DD

Give the sign of silence and proclaim SUDO, then swooping your finger down shout “REBOOT”

Touch your head, vibrate: SUDO (your magical motto)
Touch your heart, vibrate: CHMOD 777
Touch your groin, vibrate: STARTX
Touch your legs, vibrate: MOUNT SLASH DEV SLASH (your magical motto)

Point your wand out and turn widdershins saying “FSCK” in each corner. Return East

Vibrate with full force:


(repeat 3x)

Point your wand out and turn deosil saying “FSCK” in each corner. Return East.

Then say: “God’s in her heaven, all is in right with the world.”

Then depart


DD is a program that copies data. What you’re doing here is effectively destroying yourself and being born again. This is similar to the IAO formula in the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram. Also for the last line, you may choose whichever pronoun you feel most appropriate using. I didn’t want to make a very complicated ritual; however, I wanted to convey destruction and rebirth. I feel like birth and life are implied by the tangible existence of the magician and doesn’t need explication in the ritual itself.




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