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Noise Discord Compilation #1: Benefit For Net Neutrality


So I made a discord server purely for noise music a few months ago since I was unable to find one. New members drizzled in every once in awhile, and at some point we decided to make a community compilation series. Then I had the bright idea of donating any proceeds to charity instead of trying to figure out royalties.

So, I opened up submissions. Got a few other friends on board to round off the edges, and made our first noise comp titled “Proof of Concept.” In the future we plan on having more concrete themes. To that end, this release is still pretty solid and has some stellar tracks on it.

That said, I am very serious about fighting for net neutrality. Let’s try to keep the ‘net out of the hands of our corporatocracy while we still can.

These are “pay what you can” even if that means zero. The whole point is to give any money we do get towards the struggle for a better internet. If you’d rather just bypass bandcamp altogether, you can donate directly by clicking the link at the end of this post.

If you’re wanting to join us and contribute towards more good causes in the future, join our discord server. We are aiming to release on compilation a month, with the proceeds going to a different charity each time.

1.Twinkle Star Sprites – LIKE HANDMAID’S TALE BUT W/ CIS RECTUMS 00:26
2. 0011011001111000 – ╥Tßp░G§ 02:09
3. Broken Stripperz – Angst 02:25
4. B-Side Johnny – Orchid 01:00
5. Broken Stripperz – The Forgotten 07:44
6. B-Side Johnny – AIR 03:00
7. (w)resting place – confessions before our final destination 04:54
8. SNMT – Bend As Time Bends 06:14
9. 0011011001111000 – ╗S╝h║I╔fÜe◙D 06:11
10. (w)resting place – we have come to this place on dying vapors 05:50
11. GG Irkalla – Ginungagap Theme Park 06:08
12. neeky doo-doo – 123 02:33

Album: https://noisediscord.bandcamp.com/album/noise-discord-comp-1-proof-of-concept
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/FeDNmQP
Reddit: http://reddit.com/r/noiseforcharity
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/noisediscord
Donate directly to Fight for the Future: https://donate.fightforthefuture.org/#page-1




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