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Initiation and Dues

Unlike most Orders, the O∴N∴ has published all their initiation rituals. You can find these published in the book Liber Dada.

There are two options for initiations into the public degrees. 0-4. First, you must pay the appropriate iniation fees listed below. Once the money is sent, you will be sent the ritual in PDF format. You may choose to undergo this ritual without the help of a body (you have friends, right?) and write 1000 words describing your experience (or a video of the initiation uploaded privately or publicly on youtube.) Second, you may seek out a body to initiate you.

Only individuals who are 18 years of age and older may be initiated into the Order. Associate Members may be of any age.

Initiation fees include 1 years Grand Leg current status. Each initiation will extend your current status from when you paid. These dues are incongruent with what was written in Liber Dada. Local bodies may charge more for initiations, and Grand Leg dues may be subject to change as the Order grows, but will never exceed what was published.

There is no pressure to advance, and you may stay wherever you are for as long as you like. You may resign, or rejoin whenever you like. If you do not pay your dues, you will become inactive. There are no back payments, all that is required is to pay for a year and you will get a year’s worth of being current.

Please note that i° does not have initiation fees because it is automatically granted for completing 4°. See the page The Invisible Sisterhood for more details.


0° – ‘dada’ Initiation | Dues
1° – Birth Initiation | Dues
2° – Life Initiation | Dues
3° – Death Initiation | Dues
4° – Rebirth/Ascension/Perfection/Extermination Initiation


i° – The Abyss Dues


5° – Shadow Initiation | Dues (invite only)
6° – Reality Manifest Initiation | Dues (invite only)
7° – Formless Initiation | Dues (invite only)

Associate Member

N/A° – $5 | $10 | $50 | $100

This is just for people who want a certification saying they are an Associate Member of the Order, but do not wish to engage in initiation. Please send your address


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