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Anyone is welcome to become a member of a local body. However, in order to take on certain responsibilities, you must be an initiated member. There are various rules on who may start a body as posted below.

You may become an associate member for $5 for a year by clicking here and please include a return email address in the instructions for your PDF certificate. For other varieties of membership and initiation please see the initiation and dues page.


There are four main bodies in the Order: Giggle, Gaggle, Murder, and a Leg. You may choose to open a Giggle, which is an approved gathering with at least two 1° initiates who are of good standing and dues current. The purpose of a Giggle is to act as a starting point for a Gaggle, which would be an officially sanctioned gathering.
A Gaggle is any formation of 3° and two 1° members. Only a 3° may be the master of a Gaggle. A 3° member may also perform initiations up to 3° at a Gaggle after training and Grand Leg approval. In order to remain a Gaggle, the group must maintain seven events in a fiscal year. Events include classes, lectures, or socials. The must be publicized on each Gaggle’s public forum. Failure to provide seven engagements will result in termination from the Gaggle program.
A Murder is comprised of two members 4° or higher. This group is responsible for teaching seven classes in a fiscal year, and putting on concerts, charity events, guest speakers, and doing community service. The purpose of a Murder is to bring positive
public awareness to the Order. It is also required to have a permanent location for the Murder’s home.
Each Murder is to report a special pet project to Grand Leg of their country. Whether it’s a podcast, festival, concert, or publication each idea must be approved by the Grand Secretary. A Leg is comprised only of i° and above. It is a team of imaginary members who act as a support network for other i°. These are the “legs” that the Invisible Sisterhood stands upon. They are not required to hold classes, and they do not require a physical location. All they are required to do is to have at least three i° members or above who are willing to engage in furthering the progress of an i°. Other miscellaneous Bodies may be formed with the permission of their respective Grand Leg.
They would operate independently not governed, but each member must be dues current and on good report with another body in the Order. These bodies can be anything you can think of. The Order could have its own intramural sports, craft guilds, prison outreach programs, or a family-friendly group to name a few.