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Sex Magick Zodiac Farm

So I had this idea of getting a farm, and having 12 women from each sign on it. No cusps. That would make things awkward.

You would have sex with each person every day during the time their month was in the sun. You would also have sex with them from in their bums every day when their sign was in the moon.

The purpose of this would be to imbue yourself with the power of the universe and establish yourself as divine. It would be both a grounding ritual, and a rite of initiation.

Start at the Vernal Equinox, the new year.

Alternatively, instead of the tiring exercise mentioned above you could use it for whatever symbolic purposes you have. Since the symbolism of the zodiac can be extrapolated to the Qabbalah, I’m sure you could find some use for it.

Like if you wanted to do an Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram analog. Instead of waving a wand around like a crazy person you could masturbate (spirit.) Then you would gather up the Earth signs and make whoopy with them. Then gather up the water signs and make whoopy with them also. Then the air signs followed by the fire signs. If you wanted to banish you would do the inverse but anally.

Or if Mercury was in retrograde and you wanted to reverse it, you’d gather up Gemini and Virgo and have sex with them (active.)

It would be wonderful having access to that many individuals for magickal purposes. The possibilities would be nearly endless I’d imagine.

I may write up an actual ritual at some point that further explicates the topics I’ve touched upon here. I might do a fancy ceremonial year-long working sort of thing. It would be very intense do, which mean it would be intense to write. For now, we have an idea of what it might be like.




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