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Sonic Projection

Sept. 2015 I was working on various musical projects. It started when I made a noise/spoken word track of me reciting the Nineteenth Key in Enochian to open up Tex. It was kind of a mess, and I abandoned my series of doing noisy spoken word iterations of Enochian calls.

Then I decided to make long-form noise songs that were somewhat easy-listening, as in not as chaotic and fierce as prior tracks. The idea was to do something similar to Merzbow’s “Music for Bondage Performance” where I would create thick noise walls that one could possibly ‘zone out’ to. I wanted to create music for meditation. I wanted it to be a big project. Making hours of content.

Again, I was not able to produce the sorts of sounds I wanted and achieve the proper effect. However, I feel like my second attempt was better than my first. Luckily, I wasn’t done yet.

I was still an avid fan of Enochian and wanted to explore ways of using music as a method of trance or gnosis. What I came up with I dubbed as “Sonic Projection.” Not to be confused with Astral Projection, but the similar nomenclature hopefully makes it sound mystical. Either that or a failed Star Wars weapon. Take your pick.

I found a website that gave me correlations for the BPM of each planet, as well as Hebrew and Enochian alphabetical notations. So I opened up my music tracker program, and painstakingly made a new keyboard channel for each letter of both alphabets.

I used the Hebrew to concoct my own version of a banishing ritual. I used the Enochian to form the Enochian 19th Call, which is used to open the 30 Aethyrs.

As opposed to my former efforts, this isn’t an attempt to be musical at all. I view it as more of a tool by which one can achieve Sonic Projection. The end result is just strings of keyboard sounds over a long period of time. It is literally done letter by letter. As such, the listening time is a little longer than it would be if you were reading it. However, I find that within the aural realm of magick it takes a bit longer to absorb by listening than by reading it aloud yourself.

It isn’t meant to be enjoyed. It is simply meant to ‘get you there.’ Perhaps someone in the future will put a backing track to my work.




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