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Scatalogos (Dada Grounding Ritual)

1. Locate yourself in the lavatory first thing in the morning, skyclad. Face towards the throne and perform the Analysis of the Keyword.

2. Turning deosil, face away from the throne.

3. Standing. With your right hand, touch your forehead with two fingers in the victory “V” position and pronounce “A”

4. Imagine a divine spark going down from your head to your throat. Grab your throat and squeeze as hard you can for seven heartbeats.

5. Imagine your chest full of electricity, with energy pouring from your head and to your throat. Your solar plexus and stomach are reservoirs for the energy.

6. Touch your genitals in the downward “V” formation with both hands and sing “M” as long as you feel comfortable. (The fingers to be affixed like /\)

7. Sit down on the throne, and release your “Kingdom” into the Cup. As you release, push out all the energy you have built up like a lightning bolt from your forehead to your throat to your anus to the Throne.


This is a grounding ritual intended to replace the standard Middle Pillar Ritual. The purpose it to put yourself in the mindset that you are dada, the universe is dada and that you create dada.

The adept charges the triangle aspect of her own being with the supernal triangle of “A.” Her third eye is charged directly with dada.

Choking yourself signifies the suppression of knowledge, the abyss between yes and no or the aether between positive and negative in this case. The /\/\ gesture on the genitals signifies the “M.” This is the physical plane, and the tangible reality of existence.

This is the “no.” This is the force pulling us further away from yes. Channeling the “A” energy through the void past the “M” creates a tangible current of AOM throughout your spiritual and physical selves. Daily use of this ritual can allow the adept to maintain mindfulness of the 81 Current.




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