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Lesser Ritual of the Dadagram

This is a basic banishing ritual. To be used for banishing, and probably some super mysterious things that will click after you’ve done it every day for a year straight.

Facing East. Skyclad


1. Fingers in a “V” position touch your forehead and sing “A”
2. Touch your chest and sing “O”
3. Touch your groin and sing “M”
4. Touch your solar plexus and vibrate “AOM”

Lesser Ritual of the Dadagram

1. Step forward to the east. Trace a Microcosmic DADAgram. Stick your neck out and hold your hands out toward the tracing. Chant: “DADA DADA DADA DADA DADA” while performing spirit fingers. Give yourself a hug.
2. Trace from East to South. Repeat step one, but while performing
jazz hands.
3. Trace from South to West. Repeat step one, but while performing a frantic “come hither” motion with four fingers of both hands.
4. Trace from West to North. Repeat step one, but while clapping one battery of 4-3.
5. Trace from North to East. In the Tau position say: “Before me, DADA. Behind me DADA. On my right hand DADA. On my left hand, DADA.”
6. Then begin laughing, crying, and clapping for a minute. Fall to the floor.
7. Repeat the Cheer.


The ‘cheer’ is a tangible method the anti-magus uses to affirm her position as an embodiment of dada. Just as a cheerleader invokes the alphabet during a sports match, the adept uses this ‘cheer’ to get in the mood for any exercise for any purpose. One may choose to reinterpret the vocalization methods.

The ritual itself perpetuates the concept of the merging of Yes and No. A square blended with triangle could have five points.Diagrams generally defeat the purpose, but pretend there’s an open square |_|. Then draw a /\ on top of it. This is known as the Microcosmic DADAgram.

Do not view this as a banishing ritual. Do not view this as an invoking ritual. The Lesser Ritual is intended for daily use, and acts a conduit for dada. You charge it around you, and bring it into yourself.

The amount of times you charge each quarter with the Holy Word is not of import. Do it as little or as much as you’d like. Lose yourself to dada.




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