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Using SWYPE To Create Barbarous Names


Today we are going to discuss making sigils and barbarous names using SWYPE. This is an app on your phone that lets you ‘draw’ on your keyboard. Rather, you drag your finger to each word you type and it assumes what word you’re intending on saying.

This app is sometimes called other things on different devices. It comes default on Windows Phones, and is enabled by default on Android devices. I don’t know if it’s available on iPhone or not.

A few points on purpose and intents in sigils. Always use positives. Say things like “i am” instead of “i want to be.” Live your truth, girl!

Also, it should be noted the stated intent below is very poor. Some tips: Use declarative statements, you get what you ask for/not what you ask, and stay away from abstract terms. Sometimes I bend these rules for my own personal use because I am a dadaist and have learned to roll with the unexpected.

I would try to read Practical Sigil Magick by Frater U.’.D.’. or reading up on how sigil magick works a little bit before creating an intent. This might be a good article that can help you not come up with smarter intents.

Barbarous Names

For purposes of this article we will be using “Send Nudes” as our intent.

First, open up an app that would require typing. An SMS app (texting) might do well.  Get your keyboard to pop up.

Take out each redundant letter. So then we’ll have “SENDU.”

Draw an S on your keyboard. Protip: Draw a vertical “S” if you want an active name. (Masculine.) Draw a sideways “S” like this  if you want a passive name. (Feminine.)

Once you’ve drawn it a word should pop up. Write down that word.

Repeat this until you have five words. One for each letter in “SENDU.”

My results from this was: “Curry urban chi rahi”

Then this can be simplified to CURYBANHI.

Write this name down on a sheet of paper and forget about it.


For sigils basically recreate what you did in the first step, but you need to create a sigil from “CURYBANHI.”

This requires a little bit of skill. You’d make a logo of some sort that utilizes and meshes every arc and curve in the name. This article really isn’t about sigils, but I feel that once you have a barbarous name it could easily be turned into a sigil and be useful to you in that way.




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