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  • Why I Copyright My Work

    Over the last few years I’ve received emails asking to share my songs or if they could post my articles on their webpage. I have and will always say yes in the spirit of creativity. At the bottom of my site, you will notice a gray icon from Creative Commons. Under this icon is a…

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  • Top Five Places to Get Thelemic Merchandise

    Many are passionate about their faiths and spiritual practices. Some of choose to express outwardly through awesome merch. Pins, patches, t-shirts, and the works. I’ve compiled a list of places you can get cool Thelemic merch. This list is completely arbitrary and is mostly of stores I’ve bought from before or had suggested to me…

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  • Gender Nihilism From a Thelemic Perspective

    Over the course of the last decade, the conversation on gender has changed. We started talking about how gender was on a spectrum, and nobody is squarely on one side. It is socially recognized, medically recognized, and governments are starting to make laws around nonbinary people. But is that enough? I believe that everything in…

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  • Top Five Reasons Occultists Wear All Black

    It’s no secret that pagans and occultists like to wear all black. Not all do, of course, this post is making sweeping generalizations. However, it’s all in good fun. 1. Because they are edgy. Obviously wearing all black shows how deep and tormented they are. People are not allowed to wear a certain colour “just…

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  • Top 10 Bands Occultists Probably Listen To

    Here is a list of bands you will probably find on your occultist friend’s iPod or Zune. Of course, this is all in good fun. Most of these bands are good, so it’s not like I am shaming anyone for liking them. My gut reaction says that if you’re an occultist you like at least…

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  • Interview

    Mental Illness & the Occult: Interview with David Hill

    Over the years I had heard chatter that people who were mentally ill were somehow more drawn to the occult than neurotypical individuals. I laughed it off as hearsay, and assumed those I knew in the occult community acted as anecdotal evidence for what sounded like an insipid rumor. I brought my concerns to David…

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  • Cultivating A Sex Positive Culture

    Sex is not wrong. Dressing to accent your sexual features is not wrong. Not wanting to have sex is not wrong. Dressing modestly is not wrong. It is wrong to have sex with someone without their consent. It is perfectly acceptable to say no. It is perfectly acceptable to say yes, as well. Consent is…

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  • My Baptism in Ecclesia Gnostic Catholica

    On December 16th, 2016 I was baptized into Eccleisa Gnostica Catholica. They are responsible for performing Aleister Crowley’s Liber XV: The Gnostic Mass which is the central ritual of Ordo Templi Orientis. Most people are familiar with Christian baptism. Wear  a white robe, have a guy dunk you in the water, and then say something…

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  • kink

    Liber Visvicis: A D/s Collaring Ceremony

    In BDSM culture, it is commonplace to have a short ritual in a D/s relationship for a collaring ceremony. This ritual is intended for D/s couples who are interested in a somewhat Thelemic collaring ceremony, however it can also be enjoyed by those not familiar with Thelema It does borrow heavily from Qabbalistic symbolism as well…

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  • New SNMT album – “Deep Cuts 2006-2016”

    I am proud to announce the new SNMT album “Deep Cuts ’06-’16”. Except it’s actually old. Don’t tell anyone. It’s all hip fresh tracks. Ignore the 2006 in the title! I realized I had tracks scattered around the Internet. Nobody was listening to them so I decided to gather them all together. Each track has…

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