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Rite of Union

This is for excitatory gnosis states.
If at all possible find a merry-go-round and ascertain an
assistant or two.
1. Employ a banishing ritual.
2. Intent in mind, step onto the merry-go-round.
3. Spin the aspirant in circles for five minutes minimum.
4. Stop spinning suddenly.
5. Fall to the ground if unable to stand.
6. Contemplate on your intent.
7. Repeat as necessary until Gnosis is achieved.


This ritual is intended to help the anti-magus meditate upon an idea, or whichever purpose she chooses to utilize her epilogos.

Its practical applications are intentionally as obscure as your vision will be during it. This ritual’s purpose should be regarded as the opposite of the Greater Ritual of the Dadagram. Instead of imbuing an item or idea with power, one is receiving a deeper understanding of whichever idea they are utilizing. For instance, let’s create a sigil. I hold that sigil close to my eyes during step 3.

I can contemplate on it during step 3, or I can wait for an assistant to show me during step 5. Depending on the complexity of the sigil, determines how much time I should spend staring at it. I suggest doing it during step 5 and using step 3 to focus on the spinning.

Spin clockwise to invoke properties of an idea, sigil, or item into yourself. Spin counterclockwise for the opposite. Some have found success as a group ritual in which the adepts copulate for step 6.




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